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Gina Almgren

For decades, Gina Almgren has been a successful entrepreneur, rising to multiple heights as a conceptual creator, business developer, artist, product designer, marketer, and innovator.  With many expressions and accomplishments in her favor, her desire for higher knowledge was still yet unsatisfied. Gina's search led her to the Mystery School Teachings, ad there her true life's journey began. She was filled with higher teachings, shown practical ways to to use the knowledge and tools to improve her life and enjoy the benefits from this work every day. Living in Southern California and initiated in 2009, Gina is in full service as a Teacher, Healer, Senior Guide, and Modern Mystery School International Instructor. Gina continues to receive and experience the ancient knowledge, sharing the lineage teachings and offering a variety of healing modalities to other seekers in many countries worldwide.  

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Michael Domitrovich

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Ramon Castellon, Sun Light Medicine

Rune Reader

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