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The Dragon and The Rose

The finest selection of pagan, wiccan & metaphysical supplies


In an effort to remain safe and responsive to the needs of our community while also moving towards normalcy as the pandemic evolves, we are removing the mandatory mask requirements. Make no mistake, we still encourage mask-wearing by individuals who feel safer masked, and we hope that anyone with symptoms will refrain from shopping while they are infected. As we did when some people declined to wear a mask, we are offering shopping opportunities outside our normal business hours, this time for people who cannot shop around maskless people for health reasons. If you would like to shop on Mondays, or before 10:00 am any other day, please make an appointment to shop by emailing: and we can see about accommodating you. Reservations are required at least 48 hours in advance so we can arrange staffing.


We will continue to try to maintain flexibility while also ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Thank you for your courtesy and support. Blessed Be!





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